Cash is nut in this realityverse.
Observation time is over.
It's time for $NCASH to shake the DEFI memeverse.
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Welcome into a new DEFI meme era, where Nutcash ($NCASH) empire will raise from nothingness.
Launched with NO presale, NO buy/sell taxes, LP locked until 6900, 50% of supply to claim by crypto communities and halving event every 4 years.

$NCASH is a coin aiming to reward Nutcoin Ecosystem crypto communities by staking $NUT, $NUTS, $NUTS404, $NCASH or $WEN.
Not just a reward coin but also the burning fee asset granting access to Nutcoin Ecosystem dApps.
Golden acorns vault

how to buy

Ethereum wallet icon

Create a wallet

Download your favourite ethereum wallet: metamask or frame or enkrypt or another one (depends on what you like: closed/open sources, IP logs or not, UX/UI design, etc). Follow the instructions in the official wallet website to create your wallet and keep your credentials safe. Remember, nut your keys, nut your coins.

ETH coin icon

Get some ETH

Either you're a lucky guy and already have ETH in your wallet, either you need to buy ETH from your favourite (de)centralized exchange. For more info, check ethereum.org/en/get-eth. Then, transfer ETH to your wallet using Ethereum or Arbitrum network depending on where you want to buy $NCASH (available on both networks).

Uniswap logo icon

Go to Uniswap

Go to Ethereum Uniswap or Arbitrum Uniswap, check $NCASH address is the right one according to the chosen network then connect your wallet. When the wallet popup shows up for a wallet signature, sign.

Swap ETH for $NCASH icon

Swap ETH for $NCASH

Swap ETH for $NCASH. In addition to the current network/protocol fees, there are NO extra fees/taxes for the token contract owner. Note that fees on Arbitrum are near ~0, that's nuts!


max supply: 21,000,000

Halving every 4 years like King Bitcoin
50% of supply to claim before the Big Burn

+~1 NCASH / week after staking: 1 NUTS or
1 NUTS404 | 10B NUT | 1M WEN | 1k NCASH
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1) First, learn more about Nutcoin Ecosystem here.
2) Then, get your cute NUTS NFTs and/or buy NUTS404, Nutcoin (NUT), Wencash (WEN), Nutcash (NCASH) to stake them and earn more NCASH.
3) Bury & hodl your precious Nutcash for all the funny future nutty dApps coming soon to this ecosystem!

Waiting for there to be a cool staking UI with great UX, check open source code on Github to know how to interact with web3 smart contracts.
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Nutcash ($NCASH) is a staking meme coin with NO formal team/roadmap, NO intrinsic value, NO expectation of financial return. Entertainment purposes only.
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